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Hole Defect Fault Detected by R.K.B. Web Inspection TechnologyRKB Machine Vision and Web Inspection technologies detect most common types of defect faults commonly found in the manufacturing process of any web based material such as paper, film, foil, metals, plastics, textiles and non-wovens. Coated or non-coated, detection of defects is guaranteed. With over 60 years of experience specific to web inspection applications, RKB technologies are designed to inspect for any type defect our customers may come across that are either aesthetic problems or the cause of mechanical problems within the process or subsequent processes for which the material being made will undergo prior to the final salable product.


While other companies claim to provide results and detection of "ALL" defects, especially on coated material, RKB delivers. In head to head online trials against leading "so called" leading brand name suppliers and as attested by the Institute of Paper Science and Technology in cooperation with the American Forest Products Association in their Comparative Evaluation Study of On-line Camera-based Web Inspection Systems. The purpose of the study was to report on operational principle, capabilities, and performance of commercially available camera-based systems and evaluate performance of a system that was provided by a supplier in detecting various defect faults commonly found in the manufacturing process of various paper materials including but not limited to Newsprint, OMC papers, Supercalender papers, linerboard (coated and non-coated) as well as other various grades. The evaluation was conducted on a pilot machine located at Appleton Papers, Wisconsin and included process speeds from 200 fpm (60.96 m/min) to 5000 fpm (1524 m/min). In addition to various paper grades, papers containing some predetermined (calibrated) simulated defects were also used in the study. The calibration defects were in the form of circular dark spots of various sizes according to TAPPI Test method T213 and T437; Dirt in paper and paperboard, produced by a printer using an offset bond paper.


Defect Fault Detected by R.K.B. Web Inspection Technology

Defect Fault Detected by R.K.B. Web Inspection Technology

Defect Fault Detected by R.K.B. Web Inspection Technology

Control Station

Sensing Assembly

Lighting Assembly


Defect Fault Detected by R.K.B. Web Inspection Technology

Defect Fault Detected by R.K.B. Web Inspection Technology

Unwind Station

Inspection Station


Coating Streaks Fault Detected by R.K.B. Web Inspection TechnologyWhile the so called brand name suppliers all pulled out of the study at the last minute, RKB took the initiative to move forward with the study as we knew our technology would prove very successful and achieve any tasks thrown at us (refer to IPST report). The results achieved by RKB technologies were not only excellent, but expected. In addition, this study decisively supported similar results achieved at various mills throughout the USA and Europe where leading multi-national papermaking companies conducted there own direct, head to head on-line trials of RKB technologies against leading brand name solutions. Most discernable in these evaluations was the inability of the competitive solutions too successfully monitor, detect and classified any type of coating streak or scratch 100% for which RKB has no problems achieving. In truth, this type of capability is still elusive today by competitive solutions which are now well documented by web material manufacturers that have direct knowledge and use of these so called expert systems.


Spot Defect Fault Detected by R.K.B. Web Inspection TechnologyWhile online high speed web inspection applications can be challenging, there is always a solution. Some solutions may not be financially reasonable, but there is always a solution and if you, the web material manufacturer, are serious about quality control, then these solutions will need to be invested in if you truly wish to achieve success. Today many companies are sold on imaging of the defect which can have justifiable needs, however, if the CCD chip cannot see it, then it does not matter how great your computer imaging capability is, there will be nothing to image. That is one difference between RKB and the leading brand names, while they have concentrated on imaging processes and defect simulation photography (the back end), RKB has concentrated on the front end, the actual detection of the defect. Everyone should realize once the defect is detected, imaging is a mere added incentive that any off the shelf imaging processing software should be capable of processing. Unfortunately, many of these imaging processing software approaches provide simulated photography and are hampered by speed, detection capabilities and electronic noise to name a few. RKB has been developing true image processes of actual defects that not only are applicable to RKB technologies, but have applications with any inspection device no matter who may manufacture it.


Defect Fault Detected by R.K.B. Web Inspection TechnologyRKB, always uses the right combination of sensor, lighting and signal process technologies. Only RKB's advanced filtering techniques ensures real-time detection of defects on, under and within your web material, while our specialized software can be easily configured to provide unparalleled, automatic identification and visualization of your defects. By incorporating the use of ACCESS database formats, RKB provides our customers the ability to not only obtain report functions standard by RKB, but the capabilities to design and create their own reporting functions facilitating are much higher level of capability, tracking and data mining that is unavailable with other vendors, unless you invest more monies unnecessarily for action items that should be available to any one from operational staff to upper management. Additionally, by providing this approach to reporting, RKB systems can be configured, monitored and manipulated by any authorized person from any office computer within the facility or the corporations computer structures where said computer processing stations may be online with local Ethernet or via internet.


Coating Scratch Fault Detected by R.K.B. Web Inspection TechnologyWhen manufacturing web material of any type, it is crucial to detect defects early in the process. Defects that are correctable such as coating streaks detected prior to them becoming critical can save tens of thousands of dollars in both customer complaints as well as damage to sensitive subsequent processes like super-calendaring where streaks and scratches damage soft roll technologies. RKB technologies not only will detect these streaks, but inform the operational staff where they are so they can correct the issue and stop the streak or streaks from being processed. Other advantages of early detection is the identification of edge cracks early thus reducing potential web breaks. Detection of holes will enable you to protect your coating processes and reduce coater breaks. In short, the sooner problems are identified, the sooner these problems can be addressed and corrected. Instantly, this leads to less scrap and greater yield. Furthermore, the shipment of "bad material" to value-added processes or customers is prevented, again reducing scrap, customer returns while increasing salable material. While it is very critical for you to detect defects in the "front end" (sensing assembly), it is important for the back end of the inspection technology to deliver accurate and useful information such as defect identification, location, type and probable cause such as wire or felt problems. RKB uses various technologies that provide the results, accuracy and reliability needed to ensure your quality assurance and control initiatives.


We emphasize the quality of defects detected by our high resolution OPTOMIZER technologies and the speed in which we process this information. That's why RKB uses camera technologies and electronic processing technologies designed for web inspection imaging capabilities. Capable of detecting streaks as small as 5 microns at any known production speed and autonomous defects as small as 0.02 sq. mm, RKB technologies are the solution you need.


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Web Inspection Defect Flaws Detected by RKB Web Inspection Systems Web Inspection Defect Streaks Detected by RKB Web Inspection Systems Web Inspection Defect Flaws Detected by RKB Web Inspection Systems Web Inspection Defect Streaks Detected by RKB Web Inspection Systems

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