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Gold Sun Machinery (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Orders

R.K.B. Web Inspection Technology


Splice Detector, Edge of Web Mounting

Syracuse, NY, November 11, 2009 – R.K.B. OPTO-ELECTRONICS, INC., a leader in providing machine vision, web inspection, splice detection and quality assurance and control technologies, has been selected to supply its state of the art classic splice (joint) detector technology.  The equipment will be shipped to Gold Sun Machinery, Jiangsu, China.  Our classic splice detector technology guarantees the detection of all splice (joint) type defects.  Simple and very cost effective, the R.K.B. classic splice detector has become the most commonly used inspection solution worldwide.  To date R.K.B. has installed over 5000 inspection solutions in over 120 countries.  Unequaled in performance, our splice detector technology will provide a return on investment within 24 hours of use.     


R.K.B. is proud to have been selected to provide the most widely used, state-of-the-art detection technology available today. "This is an vital partnership for R.K.B., and one that we will continually work on to ensure the highest possible quality can be achieved when our products are implemented as OEM” said R.K.B.  With manufacturing costs ever increasing, it has become essential for reliable and consistent defect detection in a wide variety of conversion processes whereby the elimination of all types of defects are essential. R.K.B. and our partners offer our customers with a comprehensive solution that are not affected by discrete basis weight changes, changes in caliper of material, color of material, machine production speeds and type of defects.  


Splice Detector, Edge of Web MountingR.K.B.'s classic edge mount splice detector technology monitors the caliper value of web based material that the technology is applied to.  Two capacitive assemblies are contained within the sensor adjacent to one another.  Due to its proprietary design, the material being monitored is treated as a dielectric and as such, any sudden and abrupt change in caliper will create a dielectric differential.  At the point of differential, the dielectric value is "out of phase".  This out of phase signal in processed with patented and proprietary circuitry  that outputs an electronic signal representative of a splice (joint) fault.  Since this detection is performed on a comparative basis, long term variances in product caliper, coat weight, basis weight, moisture and other mechanical properties have no adverse affects and do not interfere with actual detection.  As a result, there is never a false signal, the technology unit will self calibrate to grade changes, any material color or type (non-metallic) can be processed, and the unit will operate at any known process speed period!!  Each unit comes with an amber alarm indicator to indicate a "splice fault".  In addition, a dry contact relay is provided for customers to output splice signals to activate reject gates, audio/visual alarms, counters, edge marking systems, plc units and other various control type systems.  The technology is designed for input power of 120/220 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz.   Two dry output contact closures are provided  and rated for 0.1 Amps @ 120VAC or 0.05 Amp @ 220VAC.  The unit also provides a 15VDC positive going digital pulse @ 10 milliseconds (+/-3).


Applicable to any web fed process, our splice detector technology helps manufacturers achieve their quality assurance initiatives by reducing down time, eliminating broke and preventing costly repairs to rolls, dies, blankets and other sensitive production equipment.  Designed for edge of web mounting, the unit can be positioned anywhere along the web.  It can be easily repositioned to accommodate changes in web width in support of just-in-time, short run, or high product mix conditions.  R.K.B. has pioneered the field of web inspection for paper, film, foil and allied web based materials.  Material colors, machine speed and caliper changes do not affect detection capabilities.   R.K.B. has developed and patented many of the technologies currently in use today such as infrared phototransistor technology, capacitive technology, ultraviolet technology and camera based technology.  R.K.B. was the first company to incorporate cameras as potential sensors back in the mid 1970's and patented this technique called the Vidicon 7000.  Today R.K.B. invests a majority of its finances to research and development in new sensor techniques.  Among our many innovations besides our splice detection technology, which is the world leading technology used for the detection of splices (joint), is our very successful coating streak and scratch defect detection technology.  This patented technology, now being emulated/copied, by various German inspection suppliers, detects streaks and scratches as small as 1 micron at any process speed.  R.K.B. OPTO-ELECTRONICS, INC., designs, develops, manufactures, and markets the most diverse line of machine vision and web inspection technologies currently available to web based material manufacturers. R.K.B., headquartered in Syracuse, New York, has offices and partners worldwide in Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East.


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